Win A Battle For The Attention

With The Right Form Of Your Knowledge

Scarcity is challanging. Scarcity is the opportunity. The attention is one of the most scarce resource today.

Microcontent can be the right solution. Simple "IdeaClippings" can be designed in 10 minutes.

Because knowledge sharing matters.


Why IdeaClippy


How to create the IdeaClippy in several minutes

  1. Make a copy of the IdeaClippy Template in Google Slides.

  2. Fill it with your content.

  3. Store each slides as a separate PNG picture.

  4. Create animated GIF and MP4 e.g. via GifMaker.

  5. Enjoy at social network posts, email footers etc.


Would you like to share your stuff? Just share it with or send to .;-)

For Business

Do you need to:

- test quickly and cheaply new business ideas?

- generate more leads, customers, revenue, profit?

- formulate the messages for your B2B or B2C customers?

- design more advanced animations and videos?

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